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  • How much does it cost to hang Christmas lights on my house?
    On average, most people spend about $600-$1200 each year. This includes installation, any maintenance throughout the season, removal, and complementary storage in our warehouse. Many people also wrap trees, light up the ridge lines on top of their roof, or light up the sides and back of their home. The cost really depends on what kind of display you're trying to create. The more elaborate and lit homes take more time and lights which cost more. Whatever you'd like to do we can create!
  • Do you offer any discounts?
    We do! Hanging Christmas lights in sub freezing temperatures is pretty miserable. We're really good at it, but it's miserable. We offer discounts on labor if we can come a little early to hang your lights while your roof is still safe and we can work a little quicker. Sep 15 - Oct 14 : ~20% off Oct 15 - Oct 31 : ~ 10% off Nov - Dec : Full
  • How long have you been installing Christmas lights?
    We have been hanging Christmas lights for 6 years now. We operated under the name Wasatch Trimlight for 5 years and decided to re-brand our Christmas lighting division to help people more clearly understand what we do. Our owner still installs with the technicians each fall because he enjoys it so much.
  • What type of Christmas lights do you recommend/use?
    Technology has made so many positive changes in the quality of LED Christmas lights. Sadly, big box stores simply want to sell as many as they can for the highest profit. This results in poor quality bulbs accessible to most buyers. Many local installers/suppliers also run into this issue as various factories in China try to beat the competition based on price alone. Our supplier has tested all available LED Christmas light bulbs against his proprietary bulbs and the bulbs we use outlast and outshine the competitors. We recommend a C7 faceted LED bulbs to ensure an even shine and the best longevity. These midsize bulbs are very bright and have fewer installation issues than C9 over the life of the bulb.
  • Do you wrap Christmas lights on trees?
    We do wrap trees in your landscape. Our most iconic job we do with trees is probably Snowbasin. Those trees are the largest pines we recommend putting lights in and they take a LOT of lights. Smaller trees look great and really add to the overall effect of your lighting display. The typical cost of wrapping smaller trees is between $35-75 in labor. Larger trees can vary immensely. Most large trees we work on cost between $400 to $2,500 in labor. However, if you want it to look like it's on fire, some people have paid up to $20,000+ for companies to light them that densely. Our price will include the lights, extension cords, and labor to install, maintain, remove, and store them.
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